Home renovation projects risk toxic asbestos exposures which can lead to mesothelioma, and other asbestos-related diseases

Home renovation materials manufactured before 1980 (i.e., attic insulation, sheetrock, plaster compounds, steam pipe wraps, roofing materials and outdoor asbestos shingles) contained high levels of asbestos – a mineral prized for its fire retardant properties decades ago, but condemned as a dangerous carcinogen today.

When these asbestos products are broken or disturbed during home renovation activities, minute asbestos fibers dislodge and become airborne. Regular inhalation of these fibers is the surest path toward developing asbestos-related cancers like mesothelioma.

Home renovation case

Weitz & Luxenberg last month obtained a high six-figure settlement for a New York City homeowner diagnosed with mesothelioma. The home renovation projects he told us about contributed to his disease. New York City Carpenters experience the same kinds of work exposures, and in certain cases are eligible for compensation.

Contact with asbestos began for him almost 60 years ago when, as a teenager helping to finish his family’s new home, he came in contact with asbestos-based roofing materials, exterior fireproof shingles and vermiculite attic insulation. “I was punching holes into asbestos shingles and putting them up. That was in 1952.”

Later, he renovated a downstairs kitchen and two bathrooms, tiled his basement and, in 1965, added an entire second floor to the house. This last big project, conducted without supervision from a professional asbestos abatement contractor – nor a mask or respirator, for that matter – involved deep intrusions into the building’s ceiling infrastructure, where deteriorating asbestos materials, like attic insulations, were packed.

Cutting and sanding old asbestos-based sheetrock and wall plaster compounds releases asbestos fibers into the air and is a dangerous job, especially without a respirator. Asked if putting up new sheetrock involved breaking down old walls, he replied yes. “I added sheetrock and sanded it and compounded it.  I did that all myself.

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