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Because asbestos fibers cling to clothing, the families of individuals with direct exposure were also exposed to harmful levels of this toxic substance. Now, decades after the original asbestos exposure, diagnoses of mesothelioma, other asbestos-related cancers and asbestosis are all too common.

Also, in spite of regulations imposed by the government, an estimated 1.3 million workers in construction and general industry are still subject to significant asbestos exposure at work.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that asbestos abatement is now the area of work in which the heaviest asbestos exposures occur especially during the removal of asbestos during demolition and renovation.

Since some asbestos products are still in use, employees who manufacture these products are still exposed despite stricter regulations during the manufacture or asbestos products including textiles, friction products, insulation and other building materials) and during repair work of repair work of car parts including brakes and clutches.

On this site we want to provide you with some resources that may be helpful in this time. We will discuss medical aspects of mesothelioma, why asbestos exposure is harmful, and the ways in which you can fight back against those who put the public in harm’s way.

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Asbestos cancer is prevalent because asbestos’ fire resistant properties were actually thought to protect the men and women who used them. It’s presence in many different job sites including shipyardsauto-manufacturing plants, as well as the many factories where asbestos-containing products were used ensured a wide range of exposure.

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