Your Mesothelioma Web – Staff

Jessica Finkle: Managing Editor
Jessica is a prolific writer and content developer with experience in both online and offline channels relating to parenting, women’s health, and oncology. She has held executive roles at many leading online health related publications, spearheading their launch and development. She has also held executive editorial positions at several regional magazines.

Gustoff Melman: Editor and writer
A busy freelance writer for 30 years, Gustoff has written over 1,500 articles for many of the nation’s leading publications. He is a recognized authority on social media and is a frequent blogger on subjects relating to fitness and wellness. Gustoff’s other journalism beats include the environment and the energy sector. He has ghostwritten two books on nutrition.

Jason Wentworth: Content writer/editor
Jason Wentworth is a paralegal with extensive experience working with law firms that protect the rights of people suffering from asbestos related illnesses. He has worked with prominent lawyers in raising public awareness to the dangers of asbestos. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. In his free time, he enjoys attending concerts and spending time with friends.

Freeda Shiffer: Copyeditor
Freeda’s writing focuses mainly on alternative medicine, meditation and yoga.  She has been an editor and a writer for both print and online publications. Freeda has run magazines and websites relating to diet and healthy living. She has written extensively on parenting and work-life balance.

Rachel Schechter: Researcher
Rachel is a multi-media writer for print, online and television, covering everything from lifestyle, travel and health news to people profiles and current affairs. She is also a contributing travel correspondent for online publications. Rachel has extensive experience in social media, blogging and tweeting on the environment, healthy living and medical advances.

Victoria Davis: Proofreader
Victoria is an avid women’s health advocate with many years of experience in women’s issues.  Recently she’s made strides in bringing to light the dangers of Yaz Birth Control to women.  She is the moderator of her own group on Facebook.com—Women’s Health and Wellness NYC and has a growing following.  On her free time Victoria enjoys walks in Central Park and reading about current events.

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