Asbestos postponed Knicks’ victory, but couldn’t prevent it

The Knicks’ 113-106 victory this Monday over Orlando Magic ended the Knicks’ slump, and proved to wary fans that both their team and their beloved Madison Square Garden were improving.

Monday’s game against Orlando had originally been scheduled for November, but the discovery of asbestos in the ceiling at MSG postponed the game. The Knicks win was a return to form, but skeptics are wary of the team’s turnaround, and of the safety of the players and audience in a court where there is the possibility of asbestos exposure.

A player, fan or member of the maintenance crew at Madison Square Garden is at very low risk for asbestos exposure from the asbestos found in the ceiling. People are exposed to asbestos in many ways, but this would be a very unlikely one.

Most people who are exposed to asbestos are exposed while they are working. Whether they work contract jobs in construction or related fields, or they work in one location (such as a shipyard or a steel mill), asbestos exposure happens mostly while people are at work.

The Knicks, their fans, visiting teams and their fans, and Madison Square Garden staff should be just fine. The team was right to be cautious abut asbestos exposure: asbestos is a known carcinogen, and heavy exposure can cause deadly diseases including mesothelioma—not something a team on the brink of a comeback would want to risk.

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