Mesothelioma lawyer: when timely compensation is a matter of life and death

Marvin Penn was diagnosed with mesothelioma almost forty years after his asbestos exposure. Mr. Penn and his wife contacted Weitz & Luxenberg to seek compensation from the asbestos companies that exposed him, because they wanted to make sure they could afford the latest mesothelioma treatments. With the help of an experienced mesothelioma lawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Penn were awarded $16.25 million by the jury.

For many Americans, insurance does not cover certain treatments, and does not cover travel expenses. According to Dr. Daniel DuPont, a mesothelioma expert affiliated with Philadelphia area hospitals, mesothelioma is not a disease you can go just anywhere to get the best treatments. Traveling to mesothelioma treatment centers of excellence such as The Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, NewYork-Presbyterian’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Dana Farber/ Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center in Boston, can be expensive for retirees on a budget.

Getting a mesothelioma lawyer is important if you are seeking compensation. Things to look for in a law firm are: how many years have they been in practice? What kind of results have they gotten for their clients in the past? Asking yourself these questions can help lead you toward a mesothelioma lawyer that can secure the kind of compensation you need.


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