Dow Chemical seeks to overturn $9 million mesothelioma verdict

Looking to shift the blame off themselves and onto another company, Dow chemical is seeking to overturn a $9 million verdict awarded to the family of the late Robert Henderson. Robert died of mesothelioma after working for many years at companies that exposed him to asbestos.

Because Robert spent ten months at Dow Chemical, and 29 years at a Pittsburgh-based aluminum companies called Alcoa, Alcoa is responsible for 70 percent of the compensation, whereas Dow is responsible for 30.

Now, Dow is stating that they do not even wish to pay 30 percent, and would be comfortable with three.

“He had significant alternative exposure while working elsewhere,” wrote Dow spokesman Scot Wheeler in an email to The Times.

Still, Dow knew that anyone exposed to asbestos ran the risk of getting a deadly disease. Furthermore, the Environmental Working Group reported that less than one grain of rice’s worth of asbestos fibers are enough to cause serious illnesses.

“The jury’s sympathy for the Henderson family must have overshadowed the lack of a factual basis to impose liability on Dow,” claims Wheeler. Law firms representing mesothelioma cancer sufferers and their families certainly do not agree.


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