Carpenter to New York City landmarks obtains $1.28 million compensation for job-related asbestos exposure that led to mesothelioma cancer

Less than one year after his diagnosis, Weitz & Luxenberg secured a $1.28 million settlement for the 77-year-old unionized carpenter, his wife and six children. Prior to this settlement, he also received $842,000 from another defendant.

Mesothelioma carpenter

The construction sites that this gentleman worked at (and where he encountered asbestos toxins) reads like a New York City tour guide book. As a member of aLong Island local carpenter’s union between 1958 and 1988, his work took him to the Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, the World Trade Center, theVerrazano Bridge and JFK Airport.

According to his deposition, there were dozens of other commercial work sites where he, as a carpenter, came in contact with asbestos and asbestos-made products. In addition to the above locations, he testified that occupationalasbestos exposure also occurred during renovation work in dozens of New York City public schools, where he cut asbestos-containing sheetrock, and remembers “dust flying in the air,” he said.

Empire State Building

As a foreman at the Empire State Building, his crew cut and installed fireproofceiling tiles made of asbestos, while working around asbestos-wrapped steam pipes. “Working up in the ceilings, putting the grid up, we had steam pipes going through there with the asbestos wrapped on them. I bumped into them once in a while and saw dust,” he said.

Yankee Stadium

As a foreman at Yankee Stadium, he supervised renovation work, building new counters, partitions and drop ceilings at the refreshment stands “and all over the stadium,” he said. Asbestos exposure occurred as dust flew off during the cutting of fireproof (asbestos) ceiling and floor tiles.

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