Quebec govt supports the expansion of Jeffrey asbestos mine; Canadian Cancer Society does no

The Quebecois government has guaranteed a $58 million loan to Jeffrey Mine Inc., operator of Canada’s only remaining asbestos mine, located in the town of Asbestos. Economic development minister Clément Gignac said that funding the mining of chrysotile asbestos from the Jeffrey Mine Inc. could help save lives in India: “In looking at the file, we did the right thing.”


“Excuse me, but the fact is that chrysotile asbestos cement can be used to make many more kilometers of infrastructure because it is less expensive and is a durable material and we can improve the quality of life of citizens in India,” Gignac said.

According to the Montreal Gazette, relaunching the Jeffrey chrysotile operation would create 425 full-time jobs in the region plus provide millions of dollars in taxes and royalties to Quebec, “which in turn will create a $7.5 million economic diversification fund for the region,” Gignac said.

However, not everyone believes that Jeffery Mines and the Canadian government have done the right thing. The Canadian Cancer Society made a public statement asking the Quebecois government to withdraw its support for the Jeffrey mine expansion.

“This decision directly conflicts with global cancer control. The epidemic of asbestos-related concerns, both in Canada and around the world, will continue to spread,” the group said in a statement.

Weitz & Luxenberg supports the Canadian Cancer Society in its stand against working conditions that promote asbestosis, mesothelioma, and the many other asbestos related diseases that will come as a result of asbestos exposure in Canada and India. The dangers of asbestos inhalation have been established for decades. There is no excuse for further asbestos exposure.

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