You have legal rights after a mesothelioma diagnosis – exercise them!

Mesothelioma is an insidious disease in part because it is painful, often surprising, and extremely aggressive. The other part is that it is a disease you never should have developed. The only reason you have mesothelioma is because asbestos companies continued to produce asbestos products without warning their workers and the general public. Now, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for your illness from these negligent companies. Here is how…

First, find a mesothelioma lawyer that you can trust. This should be someone with years of experience handling these cases because they will need to go head to head with skilled and aggressive asbestos corporation lawyers. Because there is potentially a large amount of money to be had in asbestos cases, many lawyers will want to take your case. It is best to choose a firm of asbestos attorneys because they may have better resources at their disposal.

Second, approach them with your case. You can do this by phone or online – a good firm will provide you with a free, legal consultation so that you may weigh your options without putting any money up front.

Third, the lawyer or law firm you choose will let you know your next course of action. You may need to get additional medical exams and appear at a deposition.

From there, only your lawyer can advise you on what may happen next. If your verdict or settlement is favorable you may receive enough compensation to cover all of your past, present, and future medical expenses related to your illness – plus a lot more.

When asked what law firm we recommend, we suggest Weitz & Luxenberg. Weitz & Luxenberg is a firm that has been handling asbestos cases for over twenty years, and has collectively secured billions in successful verdicts and settlements for individuals such as yourself. You can visit their website at www.weitzlux.com

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