Oyster Creek Nuclear Station

The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in New Jersey is the oldest active nuclear plant in the US. Run by Exelon, the plan has a license to keep running until 2029. Built in 1969, the plant features a water reactor, which is fed by the waters of the Barnegat Bay. It is one of the 4 nuclear stations in New Jersey which are operational today..

The way the plant´s Boiling Water Reactor works is that the nuclear power boils the water which generates the steam that drives the turbines that will ultimately output electricity.

In 2007, local residents opposed a license extension plea by Exelon, to continue operating the plant, due to environmental and safety concerns. Nevertheless, permission was granted, and that is why the plant will run legally for almost another 20 years.


Based out of Chicago, Exelon produces and distributes electrical power to millions of clients in America. At present, it runs and owns eleven nuclear power stations. Due to the environmental concerns and bad press of atomic energy operations, Exelon has been known to support several environmental projects, to clear its image. These projects include the Sport Fish Fund (in its nearby Barnegat Reef), partnerships with local Universities in marine biology projects, and helping clean an oil spill.

Asbestos Risks

Until the early 70s, nuclear plants such as Oyster Creek commonly resorted to asbestos to cover their insulation needs. Nuclear power generation implies extremely high temperatures, and the piping, boilers,and containers involved in its production require superior insulation. While asbestos was perfect to provide just that, it was later found out that it also involved dramatic health risks.

Workers employed at Oyster Creek and similar plants were exposed to dangerous asbestos fibers, which are commonly inhaled, causing respiratory diseases and cancer. Mesothelioma of the lungs, liver, or abdomen is a malignant form of cancer which is caused by asbestos exposure almost 100% of the times. Lung cancer can also be caused by asbestos fiber-inhalation, as well as asbestosis; a potentially fatal respiratory condition.

10,000 people die every year in America as a result of a condition connected to asbestos exposure. These are conditions can have a latency period of up to 50 years and more. Therefore, it is important for everyone who was ever exployed at Oyster Creek and other similar plants to get checked out, to rule out the possibility of being in the course of developing them.

If you ever worked at Oyster Creek or another nuclear plant or power station in America, you may have been affected; in which case, you may be entitled to susbstantial financial compensation.

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