Salem Nuclear Generating Station

Salem Nuclear Generating Station
Salem, New Jersey is home to this powerful nuclear station. Located on an Artificial Island, the plant has been the object of much criticism by environmentalists and workers` unions, both because of alleged damages to the environment and because of the existence of carcinogenous asbestos minerals in its facilities.

Operated by the powerful Public Service Enterprise Group and partly owned by Exelon, the plant comprises 2 Units, which have legal permission to run until 2016 for Unit 1 and 2020 for Unit 2. Each unit is a pressurized water reactor, and they both use the Delaware Bay´s waters for cooling purposes.

In 2004, it was made public that the plant had several safety problems. Still today, local residents are very concerned about the power plant´s safety, as it supplies nearly 50% of the power consumed by New Jersey.

Concerns about Asbestos at Salem NGS

Until the 1970s, asbestos used to be the preferred insulation material for nuclear plants. Its high heat resilience made it ideal for the purpose. Ironically, asbestos, which was commonly used fro safety reasons, and even in protective gear, has turned out to be one of the main causes of deadly occupational diseases worldwide.

In fact, the people who worked at nuclear power plants, including Salem Nuclear Generation Station, before asbestos safety regulations were put in place, are at a great risk of having developed the three asbestos-related conditions: asbestosis, mesothelioma (aka asbestos cancer), and lung cancer. Unfortunately, the way asbestos illnesses are contracted implies that workers` families could also be at risk; since the asbestos fibers which cause them were commonly carried in clothes, hair, and foot soles.

The risk of developing lung cancer from asbestos exposure rises by 90% in the case of smokers, while mesothelioma turns out to be fatal in most of the cases. Asbestosis is a severe respiratory disease, which can also result in death.

Asbestos-related illnesses can take several decades to develop. If you have been employed at Salem or other similar power plants, you may be at risk, even if you haven´t experienced any symptoms as yet. If you have been affected by asbestos exposure, you may have important medical and legal options that require your utmost attention.

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