Asbestos in Metal Works

The metal works industry naturally requires fire-proof materials in many areas. These plants take rough metal and produce aluminum, iron and steel. The process of making these metals requires use of fire and heat which is why asbestos usage was so prevalent. As asbestos is fireproof, it was mainly used as insulation to prevent fires from breaking out in the plant. All equipment that was subject to high temperatures including generators, furnaces, boilers and pipes were lined with asbestos. Also, it was further used to protect workers by being worked into clothing including shoe covers and masks, shits, pants, aprobs and gloves.

The following is a list of metal plants in the United States and Canada where workers may have been exposed to asbestos.

United States
LTV SteelNational Steel

Nucor Corporation

Arizona (AZ)
Magma Copper Company
California (CA)
Harvey AluminumKaiser Aluminum
Illinois (IL)
ACME MetalsThe Allied Metal Company

Chicago Heights Steel

J. G. Braun Company

LTV Steel

Northwestern Steel & Wire

Kentucky (KY)
Reynolds Aluminum Plant
Maine (ME)
Bath Iron Works
Minnesota (MN)
Carley FoundryTrussbilt
New York (NY)
Alcoa AluminumCrucible Metals Corporation

Phelps Dodge Copper Plant

Rome Strip Steel

Ohio (OH)
Cold Metal ProductsLTV Steel

Marion Steel Company

McDonald Steel Plant

Pennsylvania (PA)
Alcoa AluminumLTV Steel
Oregon (OR)
Martin-Marietta Aluminum Co.
Washington (WA)
Alcoa AluminumColumbia Aluminum

Intalco Aluminum

West Virginia (WV)
Weirton SteelWheeling Pittsburgh Steel
Quebec, Canada
Alcan Aluminum Plant


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