Asbestos in the The Rhode Island Newport Naval Yard

Originally located in Maryland, the Naval Academy was moved to Newport during the Civil War, on account of tension between Northern and Southern states, because an attack from the Confederate Army on the ships stationed there was feared. In 1865, when the war was over, the Academy returned to its original location.

Later on, the Navy decided to extend the operations at the Rhode Island facility, focusing mainly on shipbuilding. While the new Operating Base was set up, between 1941 and 1946, the base experienced a rise in population, with the number of workers reaching over 160,000. These shipyard employees were charged with harbor operations, buoy manipulation, logistics, accommodation, and recreational activities. The shipyard had torpedo and training stations, as well as an Advanced Depot Center, located in Davisville, R.I..

Starting in 1946, the base became a different type of Naval facility, mainly occupied with the maintenance and modernization of all constructions and equipment. Many of the yard´s buildings were refurbished at this time. In spite of these modernization work, the base was finally disestablished at the time when the war in Vietnam finished. Today, there is a Naval War College and an Underwater Systems Centers still operating on the spot.

Unfortunately, at the time when the Newport facility was built and remodeled, asbestos was the prime material used for insulation purposes, especially in the case of the ships` boilers and pipes. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of shipyard workers may have been exposed to dangerous asbestos fibers, while working there. Since personal protective gear was either non-existent or, ironically, made of the same asbestos containing materials (ACM), those workers may have developed the conditions that follow extended asbestos exposure; mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, all of which can be fatal.

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