The Moore Dry Dock Company: 1905 – 1961

Originally Moore & Scott Iron Works, the company began operations with the eve of the XXth century. Its installations were destroyed in 1906, in a fire that ensued after the famous earthquake of that year. However, rebuilding was fast, and operations speedily returned to normal. Three years later, the company bought a shipyard located in Oakland. Moore purchased Scott´s shares in 1917, thus turning the company into Moore Shipbuilding, when he got a Navy contract to construct ships for WWI.

In 1921, the company name changed again into the final Moore Dry Dock. Charged with building ships for both world wars, Moore Dry Dock was dedicated to vessel repairs and shipyard construction during times of peace. The company was also involved in building the caissons that made the building of the famous Golden Gate bridge possible.

When America decided to enter WWII, Moore Dry Dock began crafting hospital vessels, submarines, and cargo ships meant to carry weaponry. Additionally, they were the fastest at repairs, succeeding to fix one ship in as little as one and a half hours.

When the war was over, shipbuilding was over for the company too. However, maintenance and repair work continued. Moore Dry Dock was shut down in´61. By that time, large numbers of its workers had already been exposed to the dangerous asbestos.
Largely used for insulation purposes in the boatbuilding trade, asbestos used to be abundant in the working environment of boilermakers, pipefitters, electricians, and firemen, among many others.

The problem is that asbestos causes four types of cancer, including the aggressive mesothelioma, which has a life expectancy of under one year. Asbestosis, a respiratory condition, can also be caused by asbestos contamination. The symptoms of these diseases can lead to a misdiagnosis, unless the patient has shared details of their exposure to asbestos with the treating physician. That is why it is crucial for individuals who were employed at shipyards to let their doctors know about their employment history.

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