The Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Originally named Naval Magazine, this shipyard was set up by the US Navy as early as 1854. Mare Island is located sixty miles away from Sacramento and thirty miles from the city of San Francisco.  Spanning over ten million sq. feet, it used to feature  three piers, three swimming pools, nine tennis courts, four docks, and twenty ship berths. The facility also had its own clinic, its own fire stations, and over 400 residential units. The aim of the yards was to service and facilitate the logistics required by navy ships.

The building of the shipyard began in 1854. Throughout its close to 150 years of activity, the Mare Island Naval Shipyard constructed over 500 ships, the first one of which was a paddle-wheeled craft called  Saginaw, launched  in 1859. To provide an idea of scope, one needs only compare that with the last vessel built at the yard; a nuclear submarine built during the war against Vietnam.

The Mare Island shipyard was involved in every relevant armed conflict after the Civil War. In the Second World War, it built seventeen submarines, over thirty destroyers, and more than three hundred landing craft. During the ´60s, it started building atomic submarines. The shipyard´s last offspring was the 1970 USS Drum.

The facility would, nevertheless, remain open until 1996. In its over 140 years of operation, the shipyard was responsible for extensive contamination, including that of the dangerous asbestos, which can cause various forms of cancer, including the aggressive mesothelioma.

Because of the shipyard´s continued activity and large workload, it employed many thousands of workers, exposing them to asbestos and the chance of developing mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis.  If you were ever employed at Mare Island, it’s possible that you were exposed to asbestos. For more information about asbestos exposure in general, please fill out the form below the fold to receive our free booklet.

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