Bender Shipbuilding

Like, Alabama Drydock and Shipping Co., Bender Shipbuilding became a major player in the shipbuilding community during World War II. Also located in Mobile, Alabama, Bender Shipbuilding Co. was founded in 1928 to meet a growing need for shipbuilders in the area. During this time, asbestos products were heavily used in shipbuilding due to their fire-proofing abilities making them optimal tools. Unfortunately, the men and women who worked with these items had no idea that the asbestos fibers they contained could eventually cause the deadly asbestos cancer: mesothelioma.

The United States has decreased the amount of shipyards since the War Years, but Mobile Alabama’s location near deep water makes it an optimal choice for ships today. That being said, at the height of it’s operation during the war years, asbestos products were used heavily in the creation of ships. These products contained asbestos fibers which caused the asbestos exposure of Bender employees as well as their families.

Since the dangers of asbestos exposure have become known,  Bender Shipbuilding has been flagged, unofficially, as a potential site of asbestos exposure and eventual asbestos lung cancers. Asbestos fibers were used in parts of ships such as steam pipes, boiler rooms, and piping systems.

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