Asbestos Shipyards

Certain jobs can lead to heavier asbestos exposure than others. One of these is the job of shipyard worker which was incredibly important to this country for both industry and protecting the United States during wartime in the United States Navy. Shipyard workers and veterans who served between World War II and the Korean War faced an extremely high chance of asbestos exposure. Asbestos made an ideal product for use in shipbuilding because it is highly resisitant to corrosion and heat. On ships, it has been used as insulation for boilers, incinerators, hot water pipes and steam pipes.

As ships were being built, the asbestos dust tended to build up around these areas and other inadequately ventilated parts of the ship, which equated to higher exposure for the workers.

Not only the shipbuilders, but the crews of those ships, the longshoreman, and the various other men and women who worked on board the ships, were heavily exposed to asbestos as well. Workers had no idea of the risk associated with asbestos and because of this no special precautions were taken to lessen exposure. Because of this, many shipyard workers run an increased risk of developing mesothelioma or other asbestos-related illnesses.

The following is a list of shipyards in the United States where asbestos and asbestos- containing products were heavily employed.

Dry DockBender Shipbuilding
Seward Ships Drydock
California Navy ShipyardConrad IndustriesConsolidated Steel Shipyards

General Dynamics NASSCO

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Kaiser Shipyard

Long Beach Naval Shipyard

Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Moore Dry Dock

Naval Weapons Station

Richmond Shipyards

Rough & Ready Island Ship Repair

San Diego Naval Shipyard and Air Station

San Francisco Drydock

Southwest Marine

Terminal Island Naval Operating Base

Terminal Island Naval Shipyard

Todd Corporation
Todd Shipyards Los Angeles

Todd Shipyards Oakland

Todd Shipyards San Francisco

Western Shipyard

Groton Electric Boat CompanyGroton Naval Base
Atlantic Dry DockGulf Marine Repair CorporationThe Hendry Corporation

Mayport Navy Station

Offshore Shipbuilding Co.

Pensacola Naval Air Station

Tampa Bay Shipbuilding

Pearl Harbor Shipyard
Avondale IndustriesBollinger ShipyardConrad Industries
Bath Iron WorksPortsmouth Naval Shipyard
Baltimore Marine IndustriesCurtis Bay Coast Guard Yard
Boston Navy YardCharlestown Navy YardFore River Shipbuilding

General Ship Corporation

Defoe Shipyard
Ingalls ShipbuildingPascagoula Naval Station
New Jersey
Naval Weapons StationNew York Shipbuilding Corporation
New York
Brooklyn Navy YardCaddell Dry DockGMD Shipyard

Todd Shipyards Brooklyn

American Ship Building
Albina ShipyardAstoria Voyage Repair StationCascade General Shipyard

Dyer Shipyard

Northwest Marine Ironworks

Portland Shipyard

South Portland Shipyard

Swan Island Shipyard

Tongue Point Naval Shipyard

Willamette Iron and Steel Yard

Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation Key Highway ShipyardPenn ShipbuildingPennsylvania Shipyard (Beaumont)

Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

Sun Shipbuilding


South Carolina
Braswell Services GroupCarolina Shipping CompanyCharleston Navy Shipyards

Detyens Shipyards

American Bridge Shipyard (Orange)AMFELSBarbas Cut Docks

Bloodworth Bond

Brown Shipyard

Boats of Freeport

Galveston Docks

Houston Shipyards

Kane Shipbuilding

Naval Station Ingleside

Orange Shipbuilding

Port Adams Shipyard

Trinity Marine Group


Colonna’s ShipyardLittle Creek Amphibious BaseLyon Shipyard

National Shipyards

Newport News Naval Shipyard

Norfolk Naval Shipyard


USX Shipyard


Bremerton Naval ShipyardStrategic Weapons Facility, AtlanticDuwamish Shipyard

Lake Union Drydock

Lockheed Shipyard

Marco Shipyard

Naval Station Everett

Puget Sound Bridge Yards

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Tacoma Drydock

Vancouver Shipyard

Voyage Repair Station Port Angeles

Washington D.C.
Washington Navy Yard




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