Asbestos Cancer Cure

There is no main asbestos cancer cure, but there are several treatments that are recommended based on the type and stage of the cancer be it mesothelioma (peritoneal or pericardial), or lung cancer.

Whatever stage a patient’s lung cancer or mesothelioma have reached, treatment plans can be developed to suit their age, physical condition, and personal preferences. The key to the most successful treatments is early detection.

Traditional treatments for both lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma include surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy; often, a combination of treatments is used. Newer treatments, such as photodynamic therapy and targeted/biologic therapy, are coming into broader use. Under certain circumstances, participation in clinical trials is an option.

For patients who have been diagnosed and are in who stage I and II, surgery is usually chosen as the first treatment, which can also be effective for some cases of stage III cancer. The goal of these surgeries is to remove all of the cancer if possible. If performed early enough, before the cancer has spread outside of the chest, surgery can cure the cancer by eliminating it from the body. Radiation is a potentially curative option in patients who are not candidates for surgery.

Some patients will undergo chemo or radiotherapy prior to and/or after surgery. This combination is becoming increasingly common as new data suggests a lower incidence of cancer recurrence and increased survival rate.

Internal radiation therapy can also be used, in which radioactive substances are placed near or directly into the cancer with needles, wires or catheters. Radiotherapy is sometimes used in conjunction with chemotherapy apart from surgery, particularly in cancer cases where the lymph nodes and lungs are the only cancerous sites, and surgery is not an option. Small cell lung cancer is almost exclusively treated this way. The two therapies may be administered simultaneously, or at separate times.

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